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[special_heading subtitle=”We believe in being a customer oriented company and providing complete customer satisfaction. By delivering quality services and fulfilling the need to be safe and secure in one’s home or place of work, we seek to gain competitive edge and market leadership in security industry of Pakistan. Adapting to a dynamic market and responding to customer’s changing requirements, we strive to provide a safer future for our stakeholders. Our strategy is to promote a customer friendly culture in our organization and emphasize on our belief that customer is the focal point of our company. For us, the customer is like a family, one that is to be taken care of with determination and zeal. Therefore, we seek to understand our customers’ preferences and requirements and effectively deploy the skills and resources of our organization to satisfy them.” text_align=”center” title=”Objectives” color=”dark” animated=”yes” margin_bottom=”65″]About North


[special_heading subtitle=”Our Values: Commitment, Quality Services, Efficiency, Credibility” text_align=”center” title=”What we do” color=”white” animated=”yes” margin_bottom=”10px”]About North



AQSA has gained rich experience through provision of Security Services to variety of clients over past 18 years. A few major fields of our experience include:

  • Banking sector
  • Industrial sector
  • Telecom sector
  • Education Sector
  • Oil companies
  • Security of key Installations
  • Multinational companies
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[counter title=”Our Individual Clients” number=”325″]
[counter title=”Our Corporate Clients” number=”35″]
[counter title=”Deployment Locations” number=”1572″]
[counter title=”Saved Incidents” number=”983″]
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[contact_block phone=”051-5491150 | 051-5491027″ address=”House No. CB 179, Lane No 4, Peshawar Road Rawalpindi Cantt.” email=”headoffice@aqsasecurity.com” facebook=”http://www.facebook.com”]
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